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Tell Your Story:
Public Relations
& Marketing

Named 2017 Professional of the Year
in the Business Excellence Awards from the
Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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Strategic Communications

Do you have a comprehensive plan to support
your brand?

Who's your target audience?
What's the objective for your communication budget?
Are your employees ambassadors for your brand?
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What does your brand say about the value you offer?

What's your brand promise?
What story can you tell that no one else can lay claim to?
What experience do you deliver?
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Public Relations & Marketing

Do your public relations activities support your ads?
Are you prepared for a call from a reporter?
What's your social media conversation?

Are you spending too much?


  • Establish a compelling brand that separates you from the competition
  • Own your brand with storytelling that resonates with audiences
  • If your brand was a person, what characteristics would it have?

Public Relations & Marketing

  • Compelling messages, branded content, graphics and websites to engage target audiences
  • Use third-party endorsements to boost your reach
  • Manage issues with the talented skills of a proven leader

Strategic Communications Planning

  • Use the impact of a comprehensive communications strategy to go further than traditional marketing alone
  • Reach your target audience with the right message, sent through the right medium, at the right time
  • Establish milestones in your plan to build momentum and create engagement

Drawing from a wide breadth of experience, Holly Ward uses a big-picture framework to design strategies,with an unwavering commitment to creativity, excellence and timeliness.

Holly received the prestigious distinction of being named the  2017 Professional of the Year in the Business Excellence Awards from the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce. With this honourable recognition, combined with 18 years of corporate communications expertise, you can count on exceptional service and optimum results.

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