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Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Windsor Ontario recently raised a massive new flag in honour of the city’s 125th birthday and the country’s 150th! Windsor’s Marty Gervais explains.

A Pile of Appreciation

These were acceptance speeches that had been thoughtfully crafted, rehearsed, creased into quarters and stowed in a pocket or tiny purse until the shocking moment they were fished out and unfolded with shaky hands. Having served their purpose, they accumulated beside the stairs in a pile of appreciation.

A house built by slaves: The Power of Storytelling

Great speeches reel us in, tug at our emotions and make us think in a new way. I’m a Canadian and was moved by Michelle Obama’s use of storytelling in her powerful speech at the Democratic Convention last night. This is my favourite passage.

My Social ‘Receptionist’ will kiss you

Like most business owners, I appreciate all the help I can get, and I have an assistant who is an invaluable addition to my office. But she refuses to do any filing, she doesn’t answer phone calls and can’t type to save her life. Yet, when she is in the office the mood inevitably lightens, there are more smiles and I’m not glued to my desk for the entire day. Happy and bubbly, she is a polite receptionist and doles out kisses like she’s on commission. Lucy is my two-year old, 16-pound schnauzer-poodle mix who reminds me to enjoy the moment, even when she’s snoring away an afternoon.