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Use an Ironing Board to Flatten Your Public Speaking Nerves

My most effective practice sessions are done standing at my ironing board because it’s about the same height as a podium and I can rest my notes on it to get used to standing, turning pages and projecting my voice all at the same time. Our washer and dryer have heard countless presentations about financial reports, new customer service programs, media announcements and grand openings.

Shakespeare’s Advice for Authentic Content Marketing

It happens to everyone, right? I recently ran into a former classmate and my mind went blank, like a snow-swept farmer’s field. Smiling, I was mentally lumbering through waist-high drifts, “Connie?” “Courtney?” “Claudia?” not getting anywhere. Considering the amount...

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Windsor Ontario recently raised a massive new flag in honour of the city’s 125th birthday and the country’s 150th! Windsor’s Marty Gervais explains.

A Pile of Appreciation

These were acceptance speeches that had been thoughtfully crafted, rehearsed, creased into quarters and stowed in a pocket or tiny purse until the shocking moment they were fished out and unfolded with shaky hands. Having served their purpose, they accumulated beside the stairs in a pile of appreciation.

A house built by slaves: The Power of Storytelling

Great speeches reel us in, tug at our emotions and make us think in a new way. I’m a Canadian and was moved by Michelle Obama’s use of storytelling in her powerful speech at the Democratic Convention last night. This is my favourite passage.