Office Renovations



Graphic Design meets Interior Design

During the fall of 2016 I had the pleasure of renovating new office space to expand HWard Communications Inc. and welcome more employees.

The three themes of collections, nature and texture influenced nearly every design decision. Careful attention was made to ensure that the new space wasn’t completely “new” but was infused with antique treasures to give it some soul and a sense of history. There is a story behind every thing. The decor features previous forms of communication technology, vintage advertisements and of course, my favourite — vintage letterpress printing blocks reproduced as an art installation.

The building was once a neighbourhood movie theatre, and I couldn’t resist paying homage to its history as a place that was in the business of telling stories, considering the fact that storytelling is also my main focus as a communications professional. To celebrate this connection, a black and white photo of the building taken in 1952 was reproduced into a colourful, 6-foot high mural, painted directly on the wall by a local artist.






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